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Office Address

908 E 7th St.

Joplin, MO 64801


Monday - Thursday

9:00am - 6:00pm

Phone: 417-208-2858

Fax: 417-781-4233


Tabitha Smith

Tabitha, single mother of 1 daughter, Talyn, has dreamed of having her own accounting firm since she was a Freshman in High School! When she took her first accounting class she immediately fell in love with the rules and analysis of numbers, and how they can help people and businesses make incredible decisions. Now, after 20+ years of accounting experience and owning different small businesses, Tabitha still loves to help other people find their version of success through individual and business coaching. Tabitha enjoys traveling for business and vacation, particularly to the Caribbean Islands. Her favorite vacation spots are the beaches of Galveston, TX and St John, USVI. She also loves to spend time with her family and friends, and share these beaches with them when possible.  


Pittsburg State University

B.B.A. of Accounting

Labette Community College

A.A.S. Accounting 

A.A.S. Business Administration Certified



Labette Community College

A.A.S- Accounting

A.A.S- Business Administration

Time with TSAT: 3 Years

Syvauna  provides administrative support to TSAT. Syvauna has a strong understanding of business management and business development. She enjoys spending time with her nieces and nephew, her favorite tv show is Futurama, and her favorite music genre is R&B. 

-Accounting Assistant

2 years of Undergraduate in Business Administration & Accounting

Time with TSAT: 1 Year

Kara loves to swim and foster animals. Kara has played softball all her life and was involved in dance and band.  Kara and her husband just recently bought their first house. The most exciting place she has been

to would have to be Chicago for Lollapalooza

and then Las Vegas. Kara hase 3 dogs and 1 cat. 

She loves paying bills!



-Accounting Assistant

Class of 2011, High School Diploma

Time with TSAT: 1 Year

Nayelli (Nay) enjoys, hanging out with her boys, hiking, photography, reading, coloring, painting, dancing & singing (even though i'm terrible at it) eating and napping.



-Business Implementation Coordinator

Neosho Community College, LPN
Labette Community College, ADN
Pittsburg State University, BSN

Outside of work Sheila loves spending time with her family and friends including her 4 children and 15 grandchildren. Sheila loves interior and exterior designing and decorating as well as crafting and spending time in the garden!


-Client/Team Coordinator & Marketing Assistant

Class of 2012, High School Diploma
Class of 2013, Franklin Technology Center, RDA

Outside of work Joshua has 3 dogs and 1 cat (Loves Animals). Joshua and his Fiance spend a lot of time with friends and family, swimming, floating, camping, going to amusement parks and relaxing at home. Joshua's favorite thing to do while not at work is crafting!